Ace Hardware Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Online Business

Ace Hardware Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Online Business

Ace Hardware is currently experiencing cybersecurity issues following a malicious cyberattack, resulting in disrupted operations and suspended online orders. The retailer-owned cooperative’s internal systems have been crippled by the cyberattack, causing delays in shipments and significant operational challenges.

As a result, the company is facing the daunting task of restoring its online business capabilities and network functionality after being targeted by this cyber assault. This cybersecurity incident serves as a stark reminder of the essential need for robust and proactive cybersecurity measures, not only for Ace Hardware but for all businesses to safeguard against potential cyber threats and attacks.

Ace Hardware Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Online Business


Frequently Asked Questions On Ace Hardware Cybersecurity

Did Ace Hardware Get Cyber Attacked?

Ace Hardware’s IT systems were hit by a ‘malicious’ cyberattack, causing struggles in online operations. Orders cannot be processed online.

What Hardware Is Used In Cyber Security?

Common examples of hardware used in cybersecurity include hardware firewalls and proxy servers. Less common examples include hardware security modules that provision cryptographic keys for encryption, decryption, and authentication.

Did Mr Cooper Have A Data Breach?

Yes, Mr Cooper had a data breach. It was a significant breach affecting their systems and operations.

Why Is Ace Unable To Process Online Orders?

Ace Hardware is currently unable to process online orders due to a malicious cyberattack on its IT systems, resulting in system disruption and shipment delays.


To protect your business from cyber threats, it is crucial to prioritize cybersecurity measures. The recent cyberattack on Ace Hardware serves as a wake-up call for the importance of investing in robust security systems. By adopting next-gen secure web gateways and implementing a zero-trust network access approach, you can enhance your network’s protection.

Don’t wait for an attack to happen. Take proactive steps to safeguard your business and customer data from potential breaches. Stay ahead of cyber threats and ensure a secure online environment for your operations.

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